Monday, June 5, 2017

41 Months A Vegan with a Picture!!! #lifelonglearner #eatmoreweighless #eatlikeahorse

Lasagna, fresh spinach and mushrooms with homemade creamy garlic dressing
       It is now 41 months since I doubled down on my own life and became a whole foods plant based, little to no oil vegan. It worked better than anything else I've ever tried and without really working all that hard I've lost 110 lbs and kept it off. No more yo yo  dieting for me!
     That's a picture of my dinner tonight at the top of the page. No animal products and no oil at all.  The recipe for my lasagna has given me consistent results every time.
I did change one thing this time. Instead of letting the mozzarella substitute get thick and cold, I poured it on while hot and creamy.  It was much easier than trying to spread it over everything. Between that, the fresh spinach and mushrooms with creamy garlic dressing and the watermelon I left the table feeling very full!

     Last Saturday I ran in a 5K race for the American Cancer Society. My time was 32:09 putting me 1st in the "60 and over" category (the only one there over 60 was me).  When I got there the shirts were being given out. This was the conversation:
Phil: "What size are you?"
Me: "Medium."
Phil: "I only have large."
Me: "I'll take the medium."
Phil: "OK. Large it is then!"
Me: "Thank you."
That's me on stage after the race, second from the left, next to my new friend, Phil, smiling and swimming in my new, sweaty, size large t-shirt. We had a blast!
     If you are curious about the health benefits of a whole foods plant based diet watch the movie FORKS OVER KNIVES on Netflix or on your computer. It may be your 1st step in the pursuit of a much healthier, much more active life.


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