Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Passover and Vegan! Like I need more dietary restrictions #funWithMatzo #eatandlose #ChametzFree

Passover food gets old fast unless you get your creative hat on. This is my 3rd Vegan Passover. Truth be told, I'm ready to go Chametz-ing and leaven something in the oven. I plan on making it to the end of this holiday on sundown this Saturday. As long as I'm fed, I'm good! This year for our Seder, we had quite the crowd at my niece's house. To ensure that there would be something for me to eat, I made spicy "Zoodles" baked in a "cheezy" sauce and topped with Matzo Farfel. It was a hit! Drastically different from 2 Passover's ago when I was a beginner. Now I'm seasoned, as was my casserole...with a Habanero pepper blended in. Did I mention spicy? 
Goodies over the Matzo, baked

Five minutes under the broiler

 I may have left out a few steps. It doesn't matter since it all got eaten!

Today I needed a lunch and I had some of that spicy "Cheezy" sauce left. I made a Matzo sandwich. It spreads easily and tastes like a party in my mouth. I even added parsley - the bitter herb!

 It didn't even break the Matzo!
So no excuses. I filled my tummy, used no animal products and no oil with no Chametz!
It's a Passover miracle!!!  The fun continues...
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